Fun with Triangles

Making it Swooshy for Santa Monica

I created an animated microsite to promote health and wellbeing in Santa Monica.

The best of both worlds

As someone who was making Flash websites before knowing anything about HTML, I’ve always had a soft spot for the “swooshy”. However we all know that Flash is dead and shouldn’t be used to create websites. Luckily we’re living in new age of web technology where all sorts of fun things can be incorporated into a modern website, while still adhering to best practice.

Greensock is amazing

Santa Monica website with animation
Greensock makes it simple to fly elements about.

Greensock (or more specifically GSAP) is a Javascript library that makes it easy for developers to implement complex animation that’s incredibly fast and efficient while being compatible with every browser you’d need it to be. For this project I used it for the animated navigation as well as the page transitions. It’s an incredibly fun tool to work with.

Still works great on mobile

Santa Monica website inside a mobile
The website becomes simpler on a smaller screen.

The funky concept for the desktop version of this website wasn’t going to translate onto a small screen. It was easy to create a simpler version of the site while retaining the exact same content.

Let’s get swooshy

Do you have a web project that needs to impress? I use a whole host of tools to make awesome animated interfaces, trippy effects and interactive maps. Get hold of me to find out what I can do for you.

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